What if I told you that 99% of ALL canine diseases – cancer, diabetes, heart disease… have a common cause, an underlying pathology, and that it’s scientifically possible to prevent almost ALL of them?

That sounds crazy, right?

But what if it were true?

…What if all disease truly does originate from a single source… a solitary cause?

What if disease doesn’t just happen to our dogs? What if one definite preventable cause is the reason our dogs are getting sick… and even dying?

What if the problem were as obvious as your dog’s food?

Suddenly, you find that your dog’s seemingly unexplainable behaviors and ailments are no longer a mystery.

Have you noticed:

  • Your dog’s energy level is lower than ever before
  • Your dog’s stress level is higher than it should be
  • Your dog always seems to be hungry or never wants to eat
  • Mystery hotspots, skin conditions, and crankiness plague your once happy pup

We all want our dogs to live long, healthy, happy lives, right?

Then why are so many pet parents overlooking this glaring problem?

The solution is simple once you understand how your dog’s body functions differently than your own.

The simple truth is dogs aren’t meant to eat:

  • high heat treated foods
  • starches, carbohydrates, and byproducts
  • highly processed foods
  • sugar
  • non-food substances
  • chemicals, additive, and pesticides
  • medications, antibiotics, and steroids

Yet all these ingredients can be found in your average bag of dry commercially prepared kibble bought from the nearest grocery store.

Hi, my name’s Lori Taylor and I’m a mother of five (including twin boys), wife, and a working mom. I set out to find out the truth about dog food when I lost my beloved Great Dane Truman to cancer.

I lost my Truman way too soon, and the worst part was it didn’t have to happen. I wholeheartedly believe that Truman’s cancer was preventable.

I was stunned by what I found when I took the time to look into why so many dogs are getting sick so young.

It turns out that the vast majority of dogs today are missing a vital element of their natural diet: raw meat.

Raw meat contains vital amino acids and enzymes that can’t be obtained from any other naturally occurring source. And being deficient means your dog simply cannot digest and utilize foods properly. Our dogs are starving to death despite having full bellies- for want of wholesome, natural meats they would normally obtain in the wild.

Without these vital enzymes and amino acids your dog cannot break down foods or utilize the building blocks of nutrients to help repair injuries, fight disease and illness, or provide cellular energy for activities.

An alpha prey model raw meat diet is the primary source for intact enzymes and amino acids. Most processed and canned pet foods are cooked at temperatures above 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and most enzymes are damaged with heat as low as 120 degrees. The common practice is to process dog kibble at high heat, then add back in vitamins and minerals removed during processing. Common sense tells us that this is an inefficient and ineffective replacement for what nature provides.

Pets fed an enzyme-deficient diet experience:

  • dry, itchy skin
  • weight problems
  • lethargy
  • dull coats
  • allergies

Essential biological catalysts, like digestive enzymes and amino acids found in raw meat, help your dog assimilate nutrients. Proper nutrition not only helps your dog utilize food, it helps them strengthen their immune system to naturally protect themselves against illness, injury, and cancer.

One day when I was sitting at my desk reading scientific studies about cancer in dogs, looking for hope, I had an Aha! Moment…

That’s when I realized…. my veterinarian was treating my dog’s symptoms, but not the cause.

Skin problems, obesity, lethargy, allergies, autoimmune disorders, hotspots, excessive shedding, heart disease, cancer…. all these diseases are symptoms of an underlying problem.

why raw dog food

Many pet parents today are saying “No thank you” to processed kibble and turning instead back to nature to provide for their fur babies. They’re providing raw nutrition despite staunch opposition from Big Name pet food manufacturers and their proponents.

And many dogs got better when proper nutrition was introduced. They gained back vitality, and energy. But not all dogs….

Some dogs are so depleted their digestive systems are wiped clean of all natural defenses. The yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth takes over and creates an unhealthy environment that spills over into every aspect of the dogs health. They’re tired, achy, itchy, allergic, and sick. These dogs need a complete doggie detox and prebiotics coupled with probiotics and a healthy diet to restore the natural balance.

Did you know…

Scientific analysis shows both homocysteine, a marker for degenerative diseases, and methionine, which shown to increase tumor growth rate, decrease in a dog’s body when that dog is fed a raw meat diet.

Watch this live video presentation by canine nutritionist Rodney Habib:


Feeding your dog as little at 20% raw meat can significantly impact their health. BOOST ME raw meat booster for dogs allows you to add that 20% with just a scoop a day- without changing your dog’s regular diet.

And recent studies show that dogs rely on bacteria found in raw meat to complete digestion of macronutrients. Without sufficient bacterial counts, the nutrients are passed through the digestive system-unutilized. This means your dog cannot put to use the high-quality food you’re feeding them without the necessary digestive bacteria to process then food. It’s like having a four-course quality meal in front of you, but it’s locked inside a box- out of reach. Your dog hates the food, it fills his belly, but it never nourishes his body.

TruDog’s PROTECT ME prebiotic and probiotic supplement for dogs allows you to put these essential enzymes into any dog food for optimal digestion. Adding BOOST ME raw meat booster or FEED ME freeze dried meat foods further adds essential nutrients and enzymes to give your dog the best nutritious edge possible.


Cooked Food Vs. Raw Food for Dogs

TruDog’s FEED ME freeze dried raw foods use fish oil as the only “additive”. Fish oil is a natural source of mixed tocopherols that aid in digestion and provide Omega oils from a natural source dogs would get from the wild.

Home cooking fresh foods is certainly better than high-heat processed kibbles, but nothing beats a raw diet for your dog’s best health. Our recommendation is always to give your dog the very best foods you can obtain and supplement your dog’s diet with digestive enzymes and OMEGA supplements to combat the effects of a cooked diet. COMPLETE ME omega supplement for dogs strengthens your dog’s immune system to help stop the effects of homocysteine and methionine.

Is Raw Food Safe for Dogs and Humans?


The U.S. Government has taken a firm stand against feeding pets raw meats due to the potential risks to humans. Handling any raw foods, including human-grade vegetables and meats, poses a risk to human health. But using safe food handling practices minimizes this risk. Washing surfaces, utensils, bowls, and hands after handling raw foods is generally more than enough to protect humans from possible cross contamination.

Plus, in order for contamination to take place, harmful bacteria must be present in the food to begin with. Raw pet food companies go to great lengths to enact stringent safe handling practices during processing of the foods to ensure the food is safe and healthy. Only when these processes go wrong do contamination problems occur. As a double-check, TruDog tests each batch of prepared raw food before it leaves the building to check for common contaminates. As long as the food packaging is not compromised prior to feeding, each bag arrives fresh and free from contaminates that could harm humans. Each bag of TruDog FEED ME, BOOST ME, or TREAT ME arrives fresh and free from dangerous pathogens. The natural digestive bacteria found in the dog’s food are easily managed by washing hands after handling the food.

In essence, the benefits of feeding your dog a raw foods diet far outweigh the risks for most pet parents. Using common sense and normal safety practices can keep you all safe and healthy.

freeze dried raw dog food

Nutrition truly is the key to good health for your dog. Every bite you put in your dog’s bowl is either promoting health or feeding disease.

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