Dog seat coverAre you planning on a road trip and taking your dog with you. If so, then this seat cover might be what you're looking for to make sure that your seats are well protected from possible scratches and dirt that can destroy your seat upholstery. Read this full review to learn more about this dog seat cover for your car.


 – Made of super lightweight material

– Very easy to install (fits almost all types of cars!)

– Waterproof and durable

– Washable and Easy to clean

– Material  has an anti-slip feature on leather & vinyl

– (2) Large storage pockets

– Zipper, so that a passenger can sit beside the pet

– Measures 59 inches x 57 inches

– Secured headrest straps

– Secured Velcro straps to make sure that no dirt will go to your seats


letzgo reviewPros:

 – Very durable material will ensure you that you can use the cover for as many times as you want.

– Cleaning is a breeze, since you do not have to deal with complicated cleaning. It is machine washable.

– Using the cover will surely protect your car’s seat covers from dirt, scratches, dander, mud, fur, and accidental wetting.

– Comes with large storage pockets that you can use, in order to store in treats for your pet, or his leash in place.

– It is waterproof, so drools or accidental wetting will not damage your car’s seat cover.

– The anti slip feature of the material will give your dog a comfortable ride, even driving on those bumpy and challenging terrains.

– Big enough to cover your entire seat, to make sure that no dirt will damage your seat.

– Very easy to install, and attaches securely on your car seat’s head rest.

– Saves you from spending time on vacuuming your car all the time.


 – So far most people who used it seems to love this dog seat cover, one reviewer mentioned that it would not be suitable for two dogs but the product never claimed to protect against more than one dog. It also has been mentioned that the zipper can come undone if a dog is constantly jumping against the hammock.


 Whether you are planning a long road trip with your dog, or if you just want to drive to the park to walk them, this Dog Seat cover will really help you make life easier. It has all of these amazing features that you will ever need for a hammock. It is very comfortable and stable, as it comes with a non-slip feature, and attaches securely on the headrest for maximum stability. It also comes with pockets for organizing your dog’s stuff, and comes with Velcro straps to trap in the dirt outside, so it will not go sipping in to the hard to reach areas of your car’s seat.

 Lastly, what so good about this Dog seat cover is it is so easy to clean. You can easily swipe away all of the fur in one go, and wash it thoroughly in a regular top load. This dog seat cover is truly amazing and well worth it.

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Remember to always pamper your dog, because dogs are fun

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