02-woman-brushing-dog-lgnThere are lots of choices when it comes to choosing a brush for your dog,so suffice it to say,a lot of people choose the wrong one. This could result in a matted dog coat and can even damage your dog's skin and coat. Here are some basic dog brushes and their uses.

Bristle Brush – This is by far the most popular but probably the least useful of the dog grooming brushes because they are mainly used to fluff your dog's hair or for finishing touches. It is however suitable for all types of dog breeds and is available in soft, medium and stiff.


Pin Brush – This brush is available in small to large sizes. This type of brush is best used for dogs with longer coats. The small brush is best used for small breeds of dogs with longer coats and the large brush is for larger breeds with longer coats. Never, ever, use this brush for dogs with smooth coats as it can possibly damage their coat.

Slicker Brush – The slicker brush is ideal for most breeds of dogs and popularly known to remove mat and tangles as well as dirt from your dog's hair. The brush can be used for dogs regardless of whether they have long or short coats.


Here's why

Pros: Can be used for both cats and dogs Is available in 2 different sizes, small to medium for smaller to medium sized dogs and large for larger breeds Has a self cleaning functionality that cleans the brush with the push of a button Easy and very comfortable to use Removes mats and tangles easily and painlessly Also removes loose hair or other debris on the dog’s coat Comes with a long 5 year guarantee

Cons: The large brush size brush may feel a bit big for some pet owners until they get used to it Rubber Brush – This is best used for dogs with short or smooth coats. This brush can't remove mats or tangles and is very gentle on your dog's skin.

Comb – Combs are usually used with the slicker brush to help loosen tangles or mats on the dog's fur. We suggest that you choose a comb that is regular sized with steel teeth. If you really want a comb specifically to remove mats though, there is a type of comb called a deshedding comb that has long teeth specifically made for dogs with longer coats.

DeShedding Tool – As its name suggests this useful shedding tool is used for managing shedding. This tool greatly helps reduce the pet hair build up in your dog's coat and in your home.


Here's why

Quickly and easily remove your dog’s loose hair – reduces shedding by up to 95% Designed by a professional dog groomer – modern design produces excellent grooming results Special stainless steel shedding blade allows the tool to easily remove loose hair Gentle on your dog – will not damage their skin Ergonomic tool design for easy comfortable use Of course you don't have to choose any of these.Just don't choose the cheapest tool on the shelf. Assess the tool first or ask around or read online reviews before buying it.Just remember that you always get what you pay for.

I hope that this article helps you choose the right brush for your dog.

Remember to always pamper your dog, because dogs are fun

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