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Grooming your dog can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both dogs and owners, if you do it right. 

A successful dog grooming session is not just about the pet owner finishing the job no matter what, but for both pets and pet owners to work together harmoniously to complete a grooming session. 

Every successful dog grooming session can make the next ones much easier.So just follow these steps to make the grooming process more enjoyable for you and your baby

1. Start when they're young.. If you have a puppy, don't wait until he's grown before you start grooming him.

It's easier to get a puppy to like dog grooming rather than a grown dog. You can start by getting your puppy used to being examined by you daily. 
Slowly open his mouth and close it, check his ears,handle his legs and toes, touch his nails and his tail, etc. After doing this give your puppy a treat and praise. This gets your puppy accustomed to certain procedures or movements that are involved in grooming.

2. Take it one step at a time. There are certain dogs who will really react strongly to grooming but that doesn't mean that you can't change their minds.

It's important that you don't rush into the grooming activity right away. This may possibly cause your dog to hate and avoid grooming more.

Allow your dog to inspect and get familiar with the grooming tools you have and get them accustomed to certain new sensations that they may encounter when grooming.

3. Associate grooming to your dog's favorite things. Basically, make sure that your dog has a good time during the activity. 

Offer treats or their favorite toys after grooming and continue to talk to them and praise him all throughout the grooming session.

4. Be patient. Never lose your temper or shout at your dog during a grooming session. Remember that you want your dog to associate grooming as a fun and positive activity.

5. Never force your dog. If you've noticed that your dog starts being uncomfortable or a bit scared stop and start from the top. For example, if your dog won't give you their paw for nail clipping, don'tforce them. Let go of their paw and reassure them. Slowly touch their paw again, giving them a treat when they let you touch the paw, you can continue from there.

; 6. Be confident. Don't be nervous or afraid when grooming your dog. Our dogs can feel our energy so if we get afraid then they will also be afraid. Always be confident and exude a happy energy when grooming your dogs. 
7. Have fun. As mentioned before dogs can sense our energy. If you're feeling negative about dog grooming then the energy may be passed onto your dog as well. 

Always show and let your dogs feel that dog grooming is a happy and fun process. Spread the fun energy and eliminate negativity.

8. Don't ever lose hope. They say that Rome wasn't built in a day. This saying also proves to be true when it comes to dog grooming. 

As mentioned before, many dogs find dog grooming a bit strange and a little unpleasant to begin with. Don't just wave the white flag give it more time. I assure you your dog will definitely warm up to the idea. 
9. Make grooming a routine. Dogs love routines so if you incorporate dog grooming at least a few minutes per day then they will definitely get accustomed to it. If you see your dog getting used to the few short minutes of grooming per day you can then lengthen it a bit more.

10. Finish grooming on a positive note. Make sure that you finish the grooming session before your dog gets tired or bored so that each session ends on a positive note.

By adapting and keeping those points above in mind,you and your dog are on your way to a successful grooming session. 

Remember that by making each dog grooming session fun
you're not only making things easier for your dog but for yourself as well. 

With this done you're now ready to start grooming your dog!

Again we remind dog owners to never lose hope! Just bepatient continue with the process and never give up.

Trust me when i say no matter how problematic a dog is each successful grooming session will make future dog grooming sessions easier!

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Thanks for your time and i hope you find the tips useful.

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