bedEven though dogs are covered with fur, this just is not enough to keep them warm during this winter season, so you have to make sure that their bed will keep them warm and relaxed.

 One of the nicest things that you can get for your dog this winter is a Self-Warming Pet Bed. Listed below are the features and some information that will show you why you need to get it.



 – Special material that has the ability to radiate the heat coming from the body back, to keep your pet warm all night

– Comes with a non slip layer at the bottom

– No electricity required

– The fill of the bed is filled with recycled plastic bottles

– Very easy to wash

– Perfect for a small dog or a cat

– Available in blue and green colors



 – Very economical, as it does not require electricity at all

– Provides the needed heat of the body, as the heat is actually coming from the body of the dog, which radiates back to keep him warm and comfortable

– The non slip layer at the bottom of the bed provides full stability and safety for an active dog

– Very inexpensive

– No special cleaning needed, as it is washable

– It is environment friendly, as one of the materials used is recycled.

– Soft and well cushioned bed

– Very soft material that your pet will surely love

– The cushioned sides are great too! It serves as a pillow for your pet.



 – This brand and model for a self warming pet bed may not be suitable for large sized dogs



 Overall, this self warming pet bed is one of the favorites of many dog owners,not only when it comes to its fantastic performance in keeping your dog warm and cozy, especially during extreme coldness, but also because of its very affordable price. Not to mention, this self warming bed does not require electricity, so it is very economical. It is also environment friendly as part of its construction is made of recycled plastic bottles. In summary, this self warming pet bed is ideal to those who want to give the best for their adorable pets, while not getting out of budget. A lot of self warming pet beds out there costs double, and most of them are powered by electric, which doubles your expenses. Thankfully, we have this self warming bed on the market, so that pet owners will never have to worry about their pets feeling cold at night.

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K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed Video

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