imagesI did not have any issues with our dogs when i was growing up,but now i have a dog of my own and i've taken more trips to the vet and had more reactions to shots, allergies, treats, etc. than I care to remember.

Every spring and fall my dog's allergies start up. It starts with red bumps in between her paw pads that then swell and grow. She's constantly trying to lick her paws.

The first year i immediately made a vet appointment thinking it was a yeast infection as she also developed some darkening around the tip of her nail. $200 later it was not a yeast infection and rather, an allergic reaction that became infected.

Here are some tips on treatments and at home remedies that have worked best for me.

1. Skin spray.

It’s called SS. This stuff is great, it has tea tree oil, coconut oil, witch hazel and other goodness packaged inside this spray bottle. Spray it on clean paws and make sure they don’t lick it off (at least let it sit for a little while).

2. Dog booties.

I know it’s a pain, but come this time of year, we slip SOCKS (called Pawks) on my baby's feet before going outside. I recommend these or the balloon-looking shoes known as Pawz.

3. Coconut oil (virgin).Organic Coconut Oil for Pets, Roger Dodger, Dogs, Cats, and Animals 8 Ct. Home and Travel Packets Per Bag 10 Ml Each Pack

Coconut oil  is sooo popular right now, but for good reason. It has many uses and remedies such as clearing up dermatitis, itchy dry skin, allergies, fleas; prevents yeast/fungal infections; reduces allergic reactions; reduces pet odor; disinfects wounds, hot spots, bites & stings, soothes a dry nose; reduces bad breath; improves digestion; helps prevent diabetes, inflammatory bowel syndrome & colitis; assists in eliminating hairballs & coughing; assists immune system; regulates/balances insulin; promotes normal thyroid function; aids arthritis & ligament problem.

I put a scoop in her food, and I rub it on her paws and in between her pads. You can get it HERE

4. Epsom salts.

1 cup salts + 1 gallon of water + Lola’s feet. Two times a day.

5. Self-adhesive wrap

You can get this at Walgreens and this is one of my favorites. The booties work well for quick trips outside, but if we’re going out for a longer walk, I wrap her paws with this as it is more comfortable and natural for her to walk, plus it stays on incredibly well.

6. Benadryl (25mg)

My dog is a tiny little pocket pittie at about 35-40 lbs and I give her half a tablet a day if her reaction worsens.

I hope these tips help you alleviate some of your dog allergies

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