3bc27e2fe217c95c1a73ad1b2ab17a40Pets have their fair share of issues that appear when you least expect them, just like children. But it's not always practical to take them to the vet every time they seem a little "under the weather".

Thankfully, many pet solutions can be found in your own home. Here are some natural home remedies for some of the most common pet ailments.


Even if you have the cleanest home fleas are difficult to keep out. Cedar oil is derived from the leaves, wood and roots of the cedar tree, and it’s a natural flea repellent! Mix five drops of oil with a few teaspoons of water, and dip your dog’s cloth collar or a bandana into it and tie it around your dog’s neck. While the oil itself doesn’t kill fleas, they can’t stand its smell and are less likely to make a home on your pet.

20 Mule Team Borax

While essential oils are useful for repelling fleas, a natural product that kills fleas can be found right in your laundry room. 20 Mule Team Borax is a common household cleaning product in the form of a powder, made with a naturally occurring mineral called borax. It’s safe for humans and domestic animals but toxic to fleas. Sprinkle the powder in carpets, on tile or hardwood floors, and on furniture. Then let it sit for several hours or overnight before vacuuming it up.

Oatmeal Bath For Itchy Skin

If your dog is constantly scratching, perhaps recovering from a case of fleas.Well, you can soothe irritated skin with a homemade oatmeal bath. Mix one cup of plain oatmeal into a bathtub of warm water. Running the oats through blender or food processor, beforehand will help them dissolve faster. Then scoop the water over your dog’s skin. You can do this several times a week for softer, soothe skin.

Bad Breath

Dogs are notorious for having bad breath, and one of its main causes is bacteria in the mouth. Clean up bacteria by adding herbs like margosa and coriander to your dog’s diet. You can mix them in with the canine toothpaste, if you it, or boil a sprinkling of herbs in water for a few minutes and then let it cool before giving to your dog. If he won’t drink it directly, you can pour it in a spray bottle and spritz it in his mouth as a mouthwash.

Upset Stomach

If your Pooch is a little under the weather with an upset stomach, Add a little yogurt to his dinner. The live cultures will help regulate his digestive system and replenish the good kind of bacteria lost to diarrhea or vomiting. Just make sure to use plain yogurt, as flavored yogurt sometimes contains artificial sweeteners that can be harmful to dogs.

Pepto Bismol also works well for upset stomach and vomitting.Use the same does as you would give a child for every 40lbs.

.Bee Stings

Remove the stinger by scraping the area and appling a baking soda past as a poultice.For an allergic reaction,administer a dose of Benadryl(1mg/lb) every six hrs

Lightening Strikes

If your pet suffers anxiety during a thunderstorm, it  likely isn't because of the flashes of light or the sound,but a buildup of static electricity in his coat.Rub a dryer sheet on the coat to remove static electricity. Now, if your budget allows it, buy a thunder

Moisturizer for Minor Cuts and Winter Temps

Use  Alba Unpetroleum Jelly on cuts to prevent ice formation.Rub it on the affected area to protect a wound from being further contaminated.You can also place it between the animals pads or toes to prevent ice formation

Salt To Heal A Wound

Create a soak using epsom salts for wound treatment.

Help To Keep It Moving

Plain can pumpkin can help with constipation.You can also use Dulcolax or Metamucil.

Use these tips to help your dog feel better and save on your wallet too.

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